A platform where users tell you what they are thinking so you can serve them better.

We’re revealing what your customers think about everything. We’ll show you what they engaged with, what they voted on, what was most collaborative as an idea, and what thoughts they offered without any prompting.

Access these white papers and learn about how zero-party and alternate-data sourcing can increase your ROI

You should be preparing your company for a future without second and third-party data.

Understanding and targeting customers and stakeholders will continue to get harder. You’re going to need a trusted reliable source for collecting real data from real people with zero agenda.

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What is thoughtworld? Unprecedented market knowledge, visualized for ease of use.

ThoughtWorld reveals market, brand, and segment views. Through engagement, voting, and collaboration, stakeholder thoughts rise and fall in the dataset, resulting in the ability to predict how and why stakeholders will behave. That means better ROI for your organization.

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Enterprise data insight done better

With categories, we expand business intelligence through connection, nuance, unexpected discoveries, and predictions down to the MSA, city, and zip code levels.

A beautiful world of thoughts.
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